Are listed buildings exempt from EPCs?

By Stanley Rayfield

Few listed buildings will now be exempt from needing an EPC

Government guidance advises that only a limited proportion of listed buildings may be exempt from needing an EPC – this would be in a case where the only ‘relevant’ energy efficiency improvements that could be carried out would unacceptably alter the building’s character or appearance.

An example of this would be improvements such as external wall insulation, double glazing or solar panels.

However, it is rare that these are the only relevant improvements available.  In reality, to improve a building beyond an ‘F’ or ‘G’ rating, improvement measures such as loft insulation, low energy lamps, insulated hot water jackets or improved heating systems would be relevant – none of which alter the appearance of the building.

In addition, many listed buildings already have EPCs. We’ve seen that many of these already have a rating of ‘E’ or better.

How do we prove our listed building should be exempt

In terms of the minimum energy standards, only properties that have been registered at the government’s PRS exemption register will be exempt. In order to exempt the property, there needs to be an assessment to show how no relevant improvements are possible, other than those that would alter the building’s appearance. So even in cases where a listed building may be exempt, there is a reasonable chance that an energy assessment will first be needed.


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