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Systems with cooling capacity of over 12kW need a 5 yearly, TM44 air conditioning report to satisfy ISO14001 and The Energy Performance of Buildings (Certificate and inspections) (England and Wales) Regulations 2012 (amended 2016).

We help you comply...

Our experienced engineer aims to make your compliance a painless process. 

Reducing the cost of energy from air conditioning makes good business sense…and the bottom line is that lots of energy is used to power air conditioning systems and a good deal of that energy is often wasted.

What are the benefits?

The cost of powering an office air conditioning system is likely to come straight off the bottom line of most business’s profit and the recommendations report you’ll get from us can make a real difference – increasingly energy saving is being viewed in terms of an investment.

As part of your report, advice that is useful to clients with an ISO14001 environmental management system is given. This includes whether your Fgas requirements will cause you a major non-conformity and we tailor advise within your report so that it can be directly used within your management system to offset environmental impacts.

When should my air conditioning system be inspected?

Air conditioning surveys

All existing systems* need to be inspected no less than every five years and should have had their first inspection by January 2011. If you take over an air conditioning system that has not had an accredited inspection you are responsible for putting one in place within 3 months.

Isn't this just more bureaucracy?

No, a typical office air conditioning system can account for around 30% of the office’s electricity bill and air conditioning use is on the increase. Around 40% of office space is expected to be air conditioned by 2020 – this compares with only 10% in 1994. (Source CLG).

Why trust Survey and Test?

We are experts in energy assessment and have assessed air conditioning systems across the UK, since these mandatory requirements were first introduced.

We recognise you have business to get on with and we aim to give a competitive service without fuss or drama. Other customers have found our advice easy to understand. and we’re always available post-report should you need to discuss the report’s findings.

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