Air conditioning inspection London

Why have a TM44 air conditioning inspection?


Lots of energy is used to power air conditioning systems and often, a good deal of that energy is wasted. When your system is inspected we look for opportunities to help you use energy efficiently – allowing your business to save money and stay competitive.

By January 2011, all air conditioning systems should have had their first inspection*, giving customers a real chance to lower their energy costs.

Reducing the cost of energy makes good business sense. The cost of powering an office air conditioning system is likely to come straight off the bottom line of most business’s profit and the recommendations you’ll get regarding the way a system is used or maintained can make a real difference – increasingly energy saving is being viewed in terms of an investment, particularly at a time when many businesses face rising costs.

When should my air conditioning system be inspected?

All existing systems* need to be inspected no less than every five years and should have had their first inspection by January 2011. If you take over an air conditioning system that has not had an accredited inspection you are responsible for putting one in place within 3 months.

The legislation that requires air conditioning inspections to be carried out is: The Energy Performance of Buildings (Certificate and inspections) (England and Wales) Regulations 2007

Isn’t this just more bureaucracy?

No, a typical office air conditioning system can account for around 30% of the office’s electricity bill and air conditioning use is on the increase. Around 40% of office space is expected to be air conditioned by 2020 – this compares with only 10% in 1994. (Source CLG).

Why use Survey and Test?

Other customers have found our advice easy to understand. We recognise you have business to get on with and we aim to give a competitive service without fuss or drama. We’re always available post-report should you need to discuss the reports findings.

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*(air conditioning system with cooling capacity of over 12kw and installed before 2008 require inspection no later than 4th January 2011. Those installed after 2008 need inspecting within 5 years of their commissioning date).