What is a large undertaking for ESOS

An organisation is considered to be a large undertaking when it employs 250 or more people and/or has an annual turnover in excess of £38.93million (and with an annual balance sheet total in excess of £33,486,489)

Our TM44 has expired – will we fail an ISO14001 external audit?

Yes. ISO4001 requires that organizations identify legal requirements that are applicable to their environmental aspects (6.1.3 Compliance obligations). If your organization has an air conditioning system, then energy use becomes an environmental aspect and compliance will be needed with the …

Which regulations require our building to have a 5 yearly TM44 Report?

The UK regulation that requires your air conditioning system is inspected and reported on every 5 – years is the ‘Energy Performance of Buildings (England and Wales) Regulations 2012 (Part 4)’    

Where can our TM44 compliance be checked?

Your compliance can be checked here: https://www.ndepcregister.com/reportSearchAddressByPostcode.html Just enter your post code and buildings that have a compliant TM44 will appear in the list

Why is our TM44 compliance made public?

All TM44 reports produced since 2012 are lodged at the Government’s Landmark database. This is publicly accessible and your compliance can be searched for by the address of your building

Do I need a ‘new build’ EPC for an extension or alteration?

An Energy performance certificates is required when a building is: First erected Modified so that it has a greater or lesser number of parts designed or altered for separate use than it previously had Modified to include the provision or extension …

What is the PRS Exemptions Register?

The PRS Exemptions Register is where landlords of ‘sub-standard’ property may register certain information relating to the property (including grounds for exemption from compliance with the Regulations).

When is my property exempt from MEES?

Buildings are only exempt from MEES when they have been registered at the PRS exemption register. There are a range of exemptions and some evaluation of your individual building’s circumstances will be needed. We provide a service to assess relevant …

What is ‘prohibition’ on letting sub-standard property

Properties within the scope of the minimum energy standards regulations can no longer be legally let where they have an F or G EPC rating from April 2018