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We are ESOS lead assessors and can help your organization comply. You will need to notify the Environment agency that you have complied with ESOS if your organisation is a large undertaking, employing 250 or more people and/or having an annual turnover in excess of £38.93million (and with an annual balance sheet total in excess of £33,486,489)

ESOS assessments must be carried out every 4 years and require that organizations  account for their energy use from their buildings, industrial processes and transport.

How can we help

As part of your compliance, we look for real financial benefits from avoiding unnecessary  energy use and this includes energy assessments that are carried out to identify cost-effective energy reducing measures.

We help you through the whole process and to date, each project we’ve dealt with has identified ongoing year on year savings from ‘no cost, low cost and fast payback’ savings opportunities.

Compliance deadlines:

Deadline 1: 5 December 2015

Deadline 2: 5 December 2019

Deadline 3: 5 December 2023

Deadline 4 : 5 December 2027


There is a fixed penalty of up to £50,000 for organisations that fail to undertake energy audits. The Environment agency has now switched to compliance duties.

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