MEES: F and G rated property

Accurate assessment is the first step


Our service can much reduce our clients’ exposure to MEES The Energy Efficiency (Private Rented Property) (England and Wales) Regulations 2015, and savvy building owners that get a professional review and evaluation ahead of any works, can reduce the cost of compliance considerably.

Under these regulations, buildings can no longer be legally let after April 2018, if they have an energy rating of F or G. This will have implications for property value and income.


How can we reduce your exposure to MEES?


  • Assess which of your properties are out of the scope of MEES
  • Assess all remaining properties and create an exemptions register
  • For those buildings left, we identify those with a rating of F or G
  • Careful re-calculation of F or G properties can often lead to improved ratings
  • Of those that still have poor ratings, we’re able to use our knowledge of the assessment process to select the lowest cost measures that have the biggest impact on the energy model
  • And for commercial properties, we can then carry out a payback calculation and again exempt any buildings in line with the regulations

In commercial properties, lots of improvements – such as insulation – don’t always have a significant effect on the rating. The best remedies differs from building to building and we can help you to identify these.

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