Fly to the shops with Easy Jet!

Or get a low carbon plan for your business instead.

I watched a stand up routine yesterday by Sean Lock. He joked that some people would gladly fly to the shops if Easy Jet brought out a ‘fly to the shops’ deal. He said that they would love that… would give them a chance to bring back more patio heaters!

He was joking of course, but I think his message was right. Lots of people are pretty unimpressed by the need to reduce carbon emissions. Change is often unpopular – I can see that.

What seems tougher to believe though, is that folks have a similar view about paying less to run their buildings. ‘Survey and Test’ deal with businesses all the time that know reducing carbon emissions means paying lower energy bills.

In fact, I can’t remember an energy audit that didn’t uncover savings. For a business, anything that’s saved by reducing energy costs goes straight onto the bottom line and savvy businesses know that.

There will always be folks that would fly to the shops to bring back more patio heaters – but more and more, there are those who would rather take a greener route and spend the cash they’ve saved on something else.

And for those businesses, we’re here to help. Just drop us a line to hear how we could find your hidden savings!


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