Energy saving audits in London

Are we confident we’ll find you savings?

Definitely. We expect to find real value for the client – If a situation
arose whereby savings did not cover the cost of the report there would be
no charge

The Benefits

  • There are opportunities to lower your bills, year on year
  • The report provides a path to insulate against future energy price
  • The report provides a chance to demonstrate corporate social
  • Aids organisations in complying with energy efficiency legislation by;
    • a. Providing a pathway to improve DEC and EPC ratings
    • b. Providing a method of insulating against tightening CRC thresholds
    • c. Reduces the impact of future carbon taxes

What will the report tell us?

The survey uses a method of assessment that enables accurate and detailed
forecasting of a range of energy efficiency improvements and details the
following information about a building:

  • The potential monetary annual savings (£)
  • The ‘no cost’ improvements possible
  • Accurate payback periods where improvements are paid for by savings in
  • The potential reductions in CO2
  • The potential reductions in KWh
  • The potential reductions in water use
  • Accurate assessment of the capital costs to implement other
  • Return on investment over a 5 year period

Amongst the range of improvements, it is not uncommon to find improvements
that have a return on investment of 200%. Interest free loans are available
for the Carbon Trust for energy saving projects that can save certain
amounts of CO2 per pre set level of spend.

Which parts of the building are inspected?

Within the survey we evaluate the standard of the building fabric, the
energy use of lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation, hot water, cold
water use, IT equipment and possibilities for renewable energy.

The occupancy pattern and the way the building is used and controlled is
evaluated as is the previous year’s energy and water spend.

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