Need an energy assessor for a Kent commercial EPC?

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Then you might be interested in the new rules that are on the way.Changes are being put into place for EPCrequirements.

Soon the agent or person acting for a building owner will be responsible for making sure that an EPC is in place within 7 days of marketing all properties. This closes the loophole that previously meant commercial building owners could obtain an EPC after they had found a buyer or tenant – their agent will soon be liable for making sure the EPC is in place from the outset.

The EPC will also need to be displayed where ever the property particulars are advertised – the previous option of using just the EPC graph is being removed and it’s believed that the EPC will be redesigned to allow the front 2 pages to be integrated within property particulars. This makes life easier for Trading Standards who can quickly identify when an EPC is not in place.

Can’t see the point right now?

That’s a fair comment – but this is part of a bigger picture. The energy efficiency of buildings will change massively to meet the emissions targets that have been set – a 34% reduction by 2020 and an 80% reduction by 2050. The principle is that you can’t reduce until you’ve measured – and that’s where the EPC comes in; it is a measure of the building’s efficiency and a way to show improvements.

There is also some evidence coming through that shows buyers can be influenced by efficient homes. A survey by Gobrix showed a rise of 23% in the number of properties that now advertise their environmental credentials and a study by the RICS concluded that providing feedback to customers is an effective ‘nudge’ to improve energy efficiency.

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