Energy efficiency audits – you don’t need them!

Businesses don’t really need energy efficiency audits. Trust me, without them, everything is likely to work just fine – there’s the hiccup of paying higher energy bills year on year of course, but that’s just part of your fixed costs, right?

Energy savings in London Text messaging, satellite TV, cameras on phones – you don’t need any of those things either. Yet we come to rely on them, unnecessary or not. Of course there are advantages that smart businesses are fast discovering, not only does energy efficiency add something to the bottom line, it can improve the way we feel about working in a building. A comfortable indoor climate, natural lighting or ventilation makes us feel better – for instance, efficiently designed lighting systems are known to improve productivity.

Well designed and efficient buildings stand alongside our country’s historic structures in many towns and cities. Both have their merits. Surprisingly, its not fully acknowledged that both new and old alike can improve efficiency – savings are often missed in newer buildings because it’s assumed that the efficiency is somehow inherent within its structure rather than being a result of the way the building is used and businesses occupying older buildings often  don’t bother – “its too old, right”?

What ever the type of space a business occupies there are usually savings that an energy audit can uncover. A modest saving on a weekly basis may be considerable when viewed on a yearly basis or over the period of a lease.

We may think that energy efficiency is an add on extra  – the trouble is though, exactly like text messaging, satellite TV, cameras on phones,  once you’ve achieved better efficiency its difficult to imagine how you can live without it!

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