Better EPCs and better Energy Assessors

Domestic energy efficiency - row of homes

Why will EPCs and Energy Assessors be better after April?. The new style EPC will give better value. It will show both the potential savings that can be made from domestic improvements as well those improvements that will receive 100% government funding to carry out. But not only is there a new EPC, there are also up skilled assessors to produce them.

It’s been no secret that considerable numbers of assessors that took early training to produce EPCs were poorly trained.


Many never completely qualified and worked as data collectors, relying on third parties to remotely sign off their work.

The government has recognised this and things have changed over the last few years with a raft of tougher standards outlawing bad practices – better still for quality standards, assessors who have not passed new examinations by the 1st April 2012 will be suspended.


Why is the government so worried about quality standards? That’s because the new EPC will be the first step towards accessing green deal funding for home owners as well as qualifying a property for feed in tariff payments. Not to mention when in 2016, it becomes illegal to market an inefficient property rate G or F.

From April, the calculation software that works out property’s energy savings has been beefed up. A survey using the new RdSAP 9.91 is more involved than previously and allows assessors to better reflect the actual efficiency of a particular building by recording evidence about the property’s  thermal performance and relies less on generic assumptions.

Improvement recommendations have been extended too. Systems are now available that reclaim heat from shower waste water and keep the heat that is normally lost from boiler flue gases.

Add all that up and you’ve got better assessors, better EPCs and some genuinely interesting improvements that can bring today’s home up to tomorrows standard of efficiency – probably without needing to even spend any of your own money!

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